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Telecommunications Technologies, Inc. (TTI) has developed a comprehensive video-based aircraft identification and classification solution for intelligence, security and airport surface management and safety systems.  The Wireless Airport Surveillance Platform (WASP) and Aircraft Tail Number Identification System (ATNIS) technology fit a growing requirement by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Defense (DoD) to provide better surveillance and intelligence at the nation’s general aviation (GA) airports. 

WASP offers real-time wireless video and web-based hosted centralized data storage and retrieval to support airport security, surveillance and aircraft management. ATNIS fixed camera units are strategically placed on the airfield or fixed building structure to view aircraft along the taxiway or runway.  The WASP software and database provides the airport operators with information about tail number identification, aircraft type, aircraft owner, home base or transient status, flight direction and time and date.

Video information and metadata is sent to WASP Central, the TTI data processing center which is monitored 24/7. At this centralized data center all information is analyzed and reports are issued to the airport operators if there are any unusual activities. If, for example, an aircraft has been deemed “at risk” alerts can be sent immediately to designated recipients or custom management reports can be created, saved and scheduled for automatic delivery.

We offer a reliable and affordable surveillance package, with measurable effectiveness, to help keep all general aviation airports on the same security page.

TTI is headquartered in Wake Forest, NC.


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